Cocoa cream: magic for your hair

If you like chocolate, you will surely love this entry on our blog. Do you know all the benefits of cocoa butter for your hair? We tell you how cocoa cream can be one of the best nutrients for incredible hair.

The properties of cocoa are many for health in general, for the skin and of course for your hair. Damaged hair needs a treatment with ingredients full of nutrients that hydrate it, give it shine and strengthen it. Cocoa has these properties.

Benefits of cocoa cream for your hair

Cocoa deeply nourishes the scalp and helps your hair stay hydrated for longer, making it produce oil in a healthy way and without excess.

Cocoa is one of the most effective natural emollients and is ideal for hair as it promotes hair growth. A cocoa hair cream or a product that includes cocoa seed butter as an ingredient:

  • It provides nutrients and hydration to your hair, thanks to its large amount of vitamin B1.
  • Returns shine and elasticity to your hair.
  • It makes your hair stronger to prevent hair loss .
  • Promotes hair growth and prevents breakage .

Who should use a cocoa hair cream?

In general, anyone who wants to maintain the health of their hair can use a cocoa cream . However, it is proven that cocoa can especially help oily hair , as it prevents the production of more sebum than normal, in addition to improving scalp circulation.

In addition to people with oily hair, cocoa cream is also recommended to control and prevent hair loss, as well as to promote healthy growth by strengthening ends and scalp.

If you have dry hair, cocoa cream offers you an extra dose of hydration so that your hair stays silky, shiny and with lots of movement. Overall, cocoa cream turns out to be a great hair care tool and ingredient .

Cocoa has a high magnesium content, which gives your hair elasticity and a lot of strength. Cocoa cream is ideal for hair exposed to external factors such as the sun, wind, aggressive treatments such as dyes or excessive use of dryers and straighteners.

In summer, cocoa cream helps you keep your hair silky and mobile, avoiding dryness and damage caused by sea water or swimming pools.

Benefits of hair creams

Hair creams such as cocoa cream or with other ingredients such as avocado cream , are ideal for hair care, as they offer additional nutrients to those obtained from shampoo and conditioner .

They help make your hair easier to comb, have volume, movement, and prevent frizz. If your hair is curly, cocoa cream can help you shape your curls, while your hair looks shiny and silky.

Avocado, cocoa and much more for your hair

At eva+avo we have worked to create products using natural ingredients with proven properties to benefit your hair. Our moisturizing conditioning cream is an example of how you can find a product that includes cocoa as one of its ingredients so that your hair looks like never before.

This cream includes avocado and rosemary oils , making your hair look and feel soft and with plenty of movement without frizz. Ideal for dry, curly hair or hair with excess oil.

Among its ingredients we find cocoa seed butter , integrating all the benefits of cocoa and perfectly complementing the nutritional properties of avocado and rosemary .

You just have to wash your hair very well and dry with a towel, removing any excess water. Apply a small amount to your hair and you're done. You will immediately notice a delicious aroma and you will be able to style your hair more easily.

Cocoa cream, like avocado cream and other powerful ingredients nourish your hair so that it grows healthy and shiny. Get to know all the eva+avo products that we have created for you and start taking care of your hair and well-being now.