Scented candles in a jar: well-being and style for your home

There are many things we can do at home to activate our energy, take a break from the daily routine and find a private space to relax. Scented jar candles are a tool that also add a lot of style to our home.

Scented candles not only relax us with their aroma , but they can also be an excellent way to set the mood and decorate our spaces. Scented jar candles have become popular as an accessory to illuminate rooms, studies, living rooms and to serve as a gift full of energy.

What does a scented candle convey?

Each aroma in a scented candle can give you different sensations. From relaxing and calming aromas such as cinnamon and vanilla, to enjoying the healing powers of aromas such as lemongrass and eucalyptus.

Scented jar candles come in different sizes, colors and designs, so they also become an excellent way to set the mood for any private or social place and give a vibrant touch to your favorite places.

Scented candles in jar or container

What are the advantages of scented candles in a jar or container. We mention some:

  • They concentrate a greater amount of essence.
  • They take up little space.
  • They are safer for small children.
  • They are versatile for decorating spaces.

Scented jar candles have become popular because of the many possibilities they offer. They serve for your home but also as an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Generally, scented jar candles come in containers made of resistant materials that prevent them from being deformed by heat and that for the most part do not break, making them safe for those who have small children at home. They take up very little space and are suitable for any space, from kitchens, bathrooms to private rooms.

What are scented jar candles made of?

You might wonder what these scented jar candles are made of. The basic material for this type of candle is paraffin wax. You may also have heard about GV-20 wax, a concentrate designed for the production of these scented jar candles.

In addition to this essential input, you need aromatic essences, liquid dyes, waxed wicks and of course jars or containers.

Keep in mind that in the market you can find aromatic candles in jars , which may not be so sustainable and that it will be better to find other options that are much more environmentally friendly and that adapt to your well-being intention.

Eva+avo scented candle

The eva+avo aromatic jar candle offers you an exquisite aroma of wild cocoa plus mystical herbs, ideal to decorate all your spaces for a long time.

The best thing is that it is made with 100% vegetable soy wax , a natural material, and a renewable and biodegradable source, which guarantees you have a sustainable and environmentally friendly product at home.

Keep in mind that about 95% of the world's production of scented jar candles are made with a paraffin base and only 5% with ecological and sustainable products and components.

Some of the advantages of scented jar candles made with soy wax are:

  • Biodegradable.
  • They are not a risky product for health and do not increase CO2 levels either.
  • They are consumed more slowly than those made in paraffin, being a more profitable product.
  • They illuminate more with a brighter but not dangerous flame.
  • Soy wax smoke does not dirty or stain furniture, walls or fabrics.

At eva+avo we are committed to this type of natural, safe and ecological products that offer you well-being and that perfectly complement your care habits. Scented candles in jars or containers are created to give light to your favorite spaces and so that every moment becomes an experience.

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