Hair Growth Products: The Complete Guide

Hair growth is one of the big concerns that we all have, as it is one of the signs of healthy hair. We tell you the hair growth products that you can use in your daily routine to show off the hair you have always dreamed of.

How hair growth works

Let's first start by understanding how hair growth works and what its phases are. Keep in mind that the hairs that make up our hair do not grow in a unified manner and it is common for around 100 hairs to fall out a day.

Hair growth does not happen in the same way in all people and depends on various factors such as genetics, nutrition and care, among others.

The phases of hair growth are known as: anagen , catagen and telogen .

In the anagen phase, the follicle that contains the hair is in its healthiest stage and its growth is uninterrupted from the roots. This phase lasts from 2 to 7 years.

In the phase called catagen, the hair stops growing and separates from the dermal papilla, which are groups of dermal cells essential for the hair root and its growth . This stage lasts approximately 4 weeks.

Finally, in the telogen phase, the hair life cycle closes and the hair is shed. Here, the hair remains attached to the follicle and growth stops for about 3 months.

Why doesn't hair grow

Hair can have growth problems for various reasons that may or may not depend on each person. Some of the most common circumstances are:

  • Bad care habits that include the use of products not formulated for your hair type or lack of treatments that hydrate and nourish the hair for its growth.
  • Take a nutrition low in nutrients and vitamins essential for the well-being of the hair.
  • Conditions such as stress, extreme fatigue, hormonal changes and other clinical conditions that may affect normal hair growth.

Hair growth products

There is no magic formula for hair growth and no single product that does all the work. What is certain is that if you complement different products you can make your hair grow healthily, while looking shiny and hydrated.

If you want your hair to grow, you must create a care routine that includes different products with unique characteristics that contribute to hair growth . How to start?

Hair loss can be distressing for many people , when this loss is permanent and extreme, without the hair renewing and growing naturally.

At eva+avo we believe that with the properties of natural ingredients, great changes can be achieved to benefit the well-being and health of your hair .

We tell you here which hair growth products we recommend and how you can make them work together on your hair with effective results.

Start a cleansing and nourishing shampoo

The first on the list of hair growth products . Look for a shampoo suitable for your hair type, which contains natural ingredients that nourish and cleanse your hair from the roots, to promote healthy and effective growth.

Our eva+avo cleansing shampoo cleanses your scalp with avocado, vitamins and wild rosemary oil, in addition to offering you an exquisite aroma with notes of white cocoa.

Choose a hydrating conditioner

Conditioner is essential for hair health, as it provides an extra dose of hydration so that damaged hair becomes softer and looks shinier.

If your hair is dry or breaks easily , you may have trouble seeing growth and a conditioner will be key to recovering damaged hair. At eva+avo we have created a hydrating conditioner that deeply softens your hair with the moisturizing properties of avocado and rosemary oils.

In addition to promoting hair growth , the conditioner minimizes frizz, eliminates split ends and restores the natural shine to your hair.

Masks for hair growth

Masks are also one of the most recommended hair growth products . They have nourishing and moisturizing properties that nourish hair from the roots to promote growth.

You can apply a hair mask regularly at home using natural ingredients such as egg, aloe vera or avocado, the latter one of the most powerful ingredients to nourish your hair from the roots.

Hair masks are an excellent alternative to keep your hair healthy through extra hydration and with benefits that range from more shine to better movement so that all types of hair look spectacular.

Nourishing masks are a perfect product to repair hair damaged by external effects such as the sun, cold or chlorine in swimming pools, among others.

Natural oils for hair growth

Natural oils have a repairing effect on all hair types. In addition to being the perfect final touch to give shine, movement and aroma to your hair, they help hydrate your hair so that it grows healthy and strong.

Eva+avo's brilliant avocado oil offers your hair everything it needs to complement your hair care routine, making your hair look healthy and its growth progressive.

Leave-in styling creams

Your hair may not grow because it is damaged and lacks nutrients. In some cases, such as curly and wavy hair, hair can become tangled and, without proper care, break, dry and fall out easily.

At eva+avo we offer you a formula with nutrients for your hair. Our moisturizing leave-in cream and conditioner is a complete avocado cocktail with the vitamins to help your hair grow.

Foods that promote hair growth

In addition to the different hair growth products that you find available on the market, it is important that you complement your care with foods rich in nutrients that benefit hair growth.

Some of these foods are:

  • Salmon
  • Almonds
  • Lentils
  • Spinach
  • Egg
  • Avocado

It is also recommended for the health of your hair and your general well-being to reduce the consumption of sugar, alcoholic beverages and processed foods.

Rest also has an impact on the well-being of your hair, since conditions of fatigue and stress can affect the regular growth of your hair.

Sleep enough hours and also dedicate time so that each product you use for your hair has the expected effect.

Massages for hair growth

Massages can also be a great alternative to accompany the use of hair growth products .

In addition to helping the ingredients act on your hair from the roots, massages can soothe the scalp and help your hair recover from external factors that can affect normal hair growth .

When you wash your hair, and apply shampoo and conditioner, do soft, circular massages using your fingertips. Leave the products on for a few minutes and make sure to rinse your hair very well, always avoiding high temperature water.

Learn about all the hair care products we have for you at eva+avo .