Broken or damaged hair: care and advice

Hair speaks about your personality and your style. The type of cut you wear, the length, the color, everything refers to how you want to be seen and what you are looking to express with your personal style. That's why hair care is key to making you feel confident and healthy. But what can you do if you have broken hair . We tell you!

What is broken hair?

Broken hair is weak hair that breaks or falls out easily. It is common in hair that is exposed to extreme use of dryers or straighteners, poor nutrition lacking vitamins and in some cases hormonal changes.

A good hair treatment can help you overcome the discomfort of broken hair. You must pay attention to your hair care routine and include products with natural ingredients that nourish your hair with the necessary vitamins so that it becomes stronger, grows and looks shiny.

At eva+avo we have created a hair care line so that you have at home everything you need to take care of your hair from the roots, offering the best of such powerful ingredients as avocado and rosemary oil.

For broken hair to recover you need:

  • Take care of your nutritional habits including foods that are sources of vitamins and minerals to promote the health and well-being of your hair .
  • Include in your routine products that provide more nutrients to your hair for its strength and growth. This includes styling creams , natural oils , and hair masks .

5 practices to say goodbye to broken hair

Take note of these five good practices to say goodbye to your broken hair . Recovering the strength of your hair is easy if you have a constant and conscious care routine.

  • Wash it carefully and use quality products

  • When you wash your hair, massage gently and avoid harshness. Rub the scalp with your fingertips. Avoid rinsing with very hot water and if you can bear it, opt for cold water, which helps broken hair regain its strength.

  • Do not rub your hair with the towel

  • Avoid using the towel to rub your hair after a shower. It's best to just cover it and wait a bit before combing and drying it. If you have broken hair , rubbing it with a towel can make it break more easily.

  • Do not comb or brush your hair when it is still wet

  • When broken hair is wet it is even weaker. We recommend that you do not untangle it when it is still very wet. Wait a little to comb it and use nourishing creams that make it easier to brush it without breaking it.

  • Do not overdo it with the use of the dryer and the iron

  • Heat can do a lot of damage to broken hair. Try to use the dryer or iron as little as possible. At the same time avoid water with very high temperatures

  • Trim the ends regularly

  • In addition to taking care of your hair with natural products that nourish your hair with vitamins and minerals, broken hair also needs maintenance. Cutting the ends regularly will make them grow stronger and stronger, recovering their shine and hydration.

    Avocado and its benefits for broken hair

    The properties of avocado are ideal for treating broken hair . It is our star ingredient in eva+avo and we recognize in it the benefits it can offer to all types of hair.

    Some benefits of avocado for broken hair and hair in general are:

    • Avocado is a great source of hydration for your hair thanks to its numerous vitamins and healthy fats.
    • It is rich in minerals so that your hair regains its strength and split or split ends disappear.
    • It contains vitamins B6, B12, C, D and E that give your hair softness and shine, as well as promoting its growth, preventing hair loss.

    Our eva+avo Cleansing Shampoo has a revitalizing effect on your hair and is ideal for treating broken hair . Cleanses the hair and scalp with avocado, vitamins and wild rosemary oil, keeping it healthy and with the necessary nutrients to grow strong and shiny.

    In addition to offering you an aroma with notes of white cocoa. A mixture rich in vitamins that, in addition to nourishing your hair, will give it movement, shine and well-being to say no more to broken hair .

    You only need to apply a small amount and massage gently for five minutes. Rinse and complement your routine with our hydrating conditioner .

    Treat broken hair with eva+avo

    Broken hair needs additional care than just shampoo and conditioner. For this reason, we have created this 5-step kit for beautiful, healthy hair .


  • Cleansing Shampoo 8 oz.

  • A vitamin recharge for your hair. You can use it every day to take advantage of the benefits of its natural ingredients such as avocado and wild rosemary oil. A delicious aroma with notes of white cocoa.

    The perfect solution to treat broken hair , while giving it a shinier and silkier appearance.

  • Hydrating Conditioner 8 oz.

  • Avocado and rosemary oils give your hair complete hydration. Hydration is very important for weak hair to regain its strength.

    Use it every day after shampoo to treat your broken hair and promote its growth . You will notice that you can comb it easier and give it more movement.

  • Moisturizing Leave-in Cream 6 oz.

  • Our leave-in moisturizer offers you all the benefits of avocado so that your broken hair is strengthened with each use.

    If you are looking to have soft, silky and easy-to-comb hair , the avocado and rosemary oils, present in our leave-in moisturizing cream, offer you the perfect recipe with effective results. Ideal not only for broken hair , but also for treating dry and frizzy hair.

  • Nourishing hair mask 8 oz.

  • Using hair masks, at least once a week, is ideal to complement your hair care.

    In our nourishing mask you find nourishing oils and ingredients rich in vitamins that repair broken hair in a short time, leaving your hair soft and much more manageable.

  • 2 oz Bright Avocado Oil.

  • If you don't use oil for your hair , you should start doing so today. The benefits of avocado oil for your hair are many.

    A final touch-up for your hair after pampering it with your care routine. Our shiny avocado oil adds shine to your hair naturally, in addition to helping you eliminate frizz, so your hair can be styled easier and feels more movement.

    The best thing is that if you travel or leave home, you will have no problem taking care of your broken hair. We have prepared a 'Travel Kit' for you that includes two bottles of our purifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner .

    Taking care of your hair is not difficult if you put in the time and use the right products. Broken hair , split ends , hair loss, are all conditions that you can treat with natural products that nourish your hair, in addition to eating a balanced diet and getting a good rest.