Scented candle: what you need for your well-being

The scented candles They are ideal for transform spaces , whatever they may be, into relaxing and calm environments, with aromas and colors of your choice. We tell you everything about this accessory that you can include in your daily life to improve your well-being and give a magical touch to your favorite places.

Benefits of scented candles

We must face the stress of daily routine. Whether you stay at home or work outside of it. Making your living spaces more welcoming and relaxing is necessary to balance us and have moments of intimacy and calm as you deserve.

Some benefits of scented candles are:

  • Exquisite aromas.
  • Set the mood for your spaces, being an accessory that also serves as a decorative object.
  • They provide calm and relaxation.
  • They improve your mood.

What are scented candles?

Maybe you've heard of Aromatherapy , one of the branches of alternative medicine, which makes use of natural plants and fruits to create wellness products. The scented candles They are part of this great line of products with different colors and aromas to give your home and other spaces an enveloping look of relaxation and tranquility.

Of course everything always depends on your tastes and needs. Each fragrance or aroma gives your spaces a different atmosphere and by trying you will be able to find the one that best suits your way of living and your mood.

Our 'Self Love' candle have a aroma of wild cocoa plus mystical herbs . It gives your space a fresh aroma and your energy will surely rise. Ideal for when you do your exercises in the morning, for a moment of meditation or even to share a quiet dinner. We have an edition for the Christmas season that will turn your favorite places at home into spaces full of good vibes.

The aroma of coconut sweetens the atmosphere of your spaces, turning them into cozy places ideal to enjoy with the best company.

Some recommended essences for your scented candles

There are many fragrances that you can find for your scented candles . Some more common than others, we will tell you the known effects of some of them:

  • Cinnamon – Recognized for its calming effects and also for stimulating the nervous system. Ideal for work spaces, for example.


  • Vanilla : soft and calming aroma. We recommend it for spaces such as bathrooms and terraces, where you are looking for warm and calm environments. If you are going to take a bath, do not hesitate to accompany it with a aromatic candle with vanilla scent .


  • Lavender – We all have bad days and lavender has a calming and antidepressant effect. If you need to study, a lavender scented candle will clear your mind and help you feel better. Additionally, it helps combat insomnia.


  • Orange and tangerine : if you have children at home, we recommend this aromatic candle, as it helps brighten and sweeten spaces, turning them into fresh and well-being environments. In addition, they have calming effects.


  • Sandalwood – A scent that has gained a reputation for being an aphrodisiac. In addition to helping concentration and reducing anxiety. If you suffer from recurring headaches, this scented candle could help counteract the effects.


  • Eucalyptus : ideal for respiratory conditions and to help concentration, headaches, and low levels of mood and energy.


  • Pink : sweet fragrance that gives calm and harmony to your spaces.


  • Citronella : helps in hot seasons or environments to scare away annoying mosquitoes.

How to use your scented candles

Scented candles are very easy and practical to use . Not only because of its size but because of its way of use. You just have to turn it on and wait for the aromas to start transforming your spaces.

Some advices…

  • Use low spaces to place your scented candle , this will help the fragrance rise and cover the entire place.
  • Regularly clean your scented candles , so you can enjoy the product for longer.
  • Extinguish your aromatic candles with an ideal accessory for this and not by blowing, as it can damage the atmosphere that we have already achieved.
  • If you have children at home, be careful with the location of your scented candles to avoid any accidents.

Caution when using scented candles

The most advisable thing is that if you have small children at home, do not leave scented candles lit without being able to be attentive to any emergency. Always use flat surfaces to place your scented candles and keep them away from places with contact with liquids or flammable substances.

Our Carson Life 'Self Love' Candle It is ideal in size, color and aroma, offering a fragrance to turn any space in your home into a fresh, relaxed and very welcoming environment. We invite you to try it. You will not regret!