Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss and How to Fight It

For many people, hair loss is a taboo subject, causing shame and distress.

Did you know that a healthy adult has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head and that they lose 100 of them naturally per day?

The causes of hair loss can be varied, from seasonal changes that affect the scalp, nutrition, to stress levels that can accelerate hair loss.

In this article we tell you more and offer you the best tips to stop hair loss and show off healthy, shiny hair.

Causes of hair loss

Although hair loss, known clinically as alopecia, is thought to only affect men, it also affects women.

This loss can be temporary or permanent and is the result of many variables that can be controlled with changes in habits, and with the use of products and vitamins to strengthen our scalp.

Some causes of hair loss

Of course, each case is different and if you are concerned that your hair loss is caused by a medical condition, it is always advisable to visit a specialist.

In other cases, it is enough to include masks and hair treatments in your hygiene routine , in addition to using products with the nutrients and vitamins necessary to strengthen your hair.

Know your hair type to control hair loss and maintain it

To properly care for your hair and prevent hair loss in the future, it is key to know your type and unique characteristics so you can choose the best products.

  • Straight hair

    Straight hair can be very thin or thick, but does not have natural curls. It tends to be greasy so it is very important to wash it frequently.

    Choose light products and avoid excess conditioner. Our avocado-based oil helps keep this type of hair shiny, in addition to controlling frizz, which is very important in straight hair.


  • Wavy hair
  • Hair loss in women is more common than you think. In addition to causes such as hormonal changes, hair is also exposed to heavy processes when dyeing or blow-drying.

    Wavy hair can be thick and difficult to control. Opt for products that hydrate your hair, giving it body and strength. Natural herbal products and regular masks help control wavy hair loss.

    Try our eva+avo nourishing mask , a product that includes rosemary extract, cocoa seed butter and other natural products to offer hydration and nourish your hair, preventing hair loss.

  • Curly hair
  • A type of hair prone to damage and loss if you do not take care of it with appropriate products. Use products that hydrate and include natural oils to maintain texture and volume.

    For curly hair try our eva+avo leave-in moisturizer , our cocktail full of avocado, with nutrients ideal for curly hair type.

    This styling cream includes avocado and rosemary oils, giving your hair a silky, soft appearance and providing care to prevent hair loss over time.

    Always use it after washing your hair.

    Put vitamins

    If you are experiencing hair loss , you may need to include more vitamins in your daily intake. Which is it?

    Among the recommendations of the American Academy of Dermatology are vitamins E, D, A and C , which act best on the scalp. Where to find them?

    You find them in foods with healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado or almonds.

    At eva+avo we offer you products that include these nutrients and that you can include in your daily routine, such as our nourishing mask , designed to act on all types of hair and with our natural ingredients that include the magical avocado, rosemary, various vitamins and cocoa. .

    The best? Our products are designed for women and men. And they love them!

    There are home remedies for hair loss .

    However, it is very convenient that you opt for certified products designed to solve this problem in a safe and healthy way.

    What you should look for in a hair loss treatment :

    • That is certified and endorsed by professionals.
    • Make it suitable for your hair type.
    • That it contains natural ingredients that allow you to use it regularly without side effects appearing for your hair.

    Take care of your diet

    Let's go into a little more detail about diet, as it is a key aspect that complements all your efforts to control hair loss .

    In addition to knowing your hair type and choosing the right hair care products, you must take into account your nutrition and daily habits so that your hair stays in good condition and you can counteract the hair loss that occurs naturally with age . weather.

    Normal causes of hair loss

    • Bad rest
    • bad diet
    • Hormonal changes
    • Lack of hydration and a proper hygiene routine

    Drastic diet changes can alter many conditions in your body and of course promote hair loss and fall .

    If you are in the process of losing weight, make gradual changes to your eating routine, so that hormonal changes do not play against you and your hair is one of the victims.

    Do not eliminate carbohydrates completely and include antioxidants in your diet, as it has been proven that they act as a barrier against hair loss .

    Among the foods that are recommended are oranges, kiwi and vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. Don't forget to opt for olive oil over vegetable oil in your preparations, as it is much more beneficial for your body and in this case for your hair.

    Red meat is a protein that offers your hair iron, an essential mineral to control hair loss . Fish such as salmon, for their part, offer resistance to weak hair that tends to break easily.

    Always drink water with your meals. Remember that hydrating yourself is key to controlling hair loss .

    Exercise and hair loss

    It's great if you exercise regularly. However, keep in mind that your hair will need much more intensive care, given conditions such as the extreme sweating to which it is exposed.

    To prevent hair loss , use products that help hydrate your hair, and include at least one mask a week to strengthen your scalp.

    At eva+avo we have created a 5-step kit that will give your hair all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, silky and luminous.

    Hair loss in women

    Hair loss in women can be due to several reasons, including hormonal changes, but also vitamin deficiency or hereditary issues.

    When your hair falls out you may notice that there is a gradual thinning on the top of your head.

    This is the most common type of loss. You may also notice bald spots; circular spots on the scalp, which cause itching and in some cases pain.

    In extreme cases, you may notice loss of handfuls of hair, during bath time for example, or a sudden total loss.

    Do you take care of your hair enough? When you start to notice hair loss , it is important to start making changes to our hygiene routines.

    Review what type of products we are using and what new ones we can try to control loss.

    At eva+avo we have developed a complete range of hair care with natural ingredients that offer you care in a complete cycle from washing, hydration and maintenance.

    Like this 5-step kit that keeps your hair incredibly renewed

    Hormonal changes have an impact on hair loss in women.

    It has been shown that sex hormones, specifically testosterone, are directly related to the hair cycle.

    This hormone is also present in women, although in smaller quantities.

    When it affects a woman's hair cycle:

    • Pregnancy and postpartum. In the first it favors it, since it has been seen that during pregnancy hair tends to grow. In the postpartum period, however, the hormonal factor can cause loss.
    • Menopause

    Hair loss due to hormonal causes can last up to seven months.

    Many women try everything to stop hair loss , from home remedies to hair loss pills .

    However, sometimes the answer and solution is closer than we think, and in this case nutrition is the key.

    Biotin is a natural B vitamin that is known as the hair vitamin. When you are experiencing a loss, you may have a deficiency level of this nutrient. How to solve it?

    Include in your diet elements such as nuts, peanuts, almonds, and foods such as liver, cheese, sardines, cauliflower, green beans and egg yolk.

    Biotin also favors your metabolic functions, also helping the appearance of your skin and providing you with energy.

    In some cases it is something more complex that will require medical attention.

    Hormonal alopecia or androgenetic alopecia must be diagnosed through a specialized clinical process.

    Consult your doctor if you consider it pertinent.

    The wonders of avocado

    At eva+avo we have avocado as one of our main ingredients. Its properties are more than proven.

    When you use it in hair masks, this product promotes hydration and growth.

    All our products contain it, such as our Shine Avocado Oil , an ideal product to carry in your bag and to give the last touch to your daily routine, adding shine and eliminating frizz.

    The power of rosemary to combat hair loss

    Another of our ingredients is rosemary. A plant with unique and varied properties, from helping with sore throats, relieving muscle discomfort, to obviously stimulating hair growth.

    All of our hair care products include avocado, cocoa and rosemary oil, among other vitamins.

    In addition, they are free of sulfates and parabens, and specially created to protect all types of hair, even dyed hair.

    Our Cleansing Shampoo includes rosemary extract in its ingredients and is designed to control hair loss , while helping your hair look increasingly luminous and bouncy.

    Home remedies to control hair loss

    At eva+avo we love natural recipes that are passed down from generation to generation, through powerful women who know how to take care of their well-being.

    For this reason all our products guarantee you care in a natural and healthy way, avoiding chemical processes that do more harm than good to your hair.

    To control hair loss , there are home remedies for hair loss that you can use, in addition to our products. Take note of some.

  • aloe vera
  • Wash your hair very well. Add our eva+avo cleansing shampoo . Apply the aloe vera pulp to your hair, wear a cap and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water.

    Aloe vera offers nutrients that help your hair strengthen, controlling loss and giving it a lot of luminosity.

  • Green Tea
  • A remedy that costs nothing. Who doesn't like to take a break along with a delicious and refreshing cup of tea?

    Green tea offers us a large volume of antioxidants known as flavonoids, which prevent hair loss , while strengthening it to promote growth.

  • Almonds oil
  • Almonds are perfect for your hair. Use essential oils to make circular massages on your skin and hair.

    In addition to stimulating growth, you may notice that it will reduce hair loss . Include almonds in your daily snacks and you will notice the difference.


  • Rosemary oil
  • Our hydrating conditioner nourishes your hair completely with the help of rosemary and avocado oils, as well as other natural ingredients that give it shine and help control hair loss .


    Take care of your hair even while traveling

    Having a vacation or work trip scheduled is no excuse to stop taking care of your hair.

    Having a vacation or work trip scheduled is no excuse to stop taking care of your hair.

    We know that it is not always easy to carry with you everything you usually use to protect your hair. At eva+avo we think about this and have created a range of products designed so that you can take them with you at any time.

    Shampoo, conditioner, oils. Wear them easily and keep your hair stronger than ever.

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    Do not forget

    Taking care of your hair now will ensure that you keep it strong and healthy over the years. Keep in mind:

    • Include masks and products such as oils in your hygiene routine that provide nutrients to your hair.
    • If you exercise daily, include hair products that help hydrate and act against excessive sweating of your scalp.
    • Use a shampoo that includes the vitamins and ingredients necessary to combat hair loss .
    • Include foods rich in protein and vitamin B7 or biotin in your diet.
    • Control your stress levels and sleep the necessary hours.
    • Avoid excessive use of a dryer and use oils daily to give your hair a brighter appearance and natural nutrients that benefit hair growth.
    • If you go on a trip, try to bring products with you to keep your hair protected, especially if it will be exposed to the sun a lot.
    • Choose products for your hair type. Knowing your type and knowing which products benefit you most is key to avoiding hair loss and promoting hair growth and a healthier, more luminous appearance.


    It doesn't matter if you have short, long, dyed or natural hair. At eva+avo we have created products for all hair types and with natural ingredients, guaranteeing you healthy care without excesses for your hair.

    Hair loss can start at any time. Maintain a sustainable hair care routine so you can counteract the effects of hair loss and have spectacular hair.

    Find out in our eva+avo store all the products we have for you to care for your hair.