Moisturizing conditioner: the best to pamper your hair

Conditioner is kind of like the magic ingredient in your hair care routine. An injection of hydration that your hair needs to maintain its shine and to receive all the nutrients that promote its growth. We tell you more about how to choose the best hydrating conditioner .

What moisturizing conditioner does for your hair

As its name indicates, the hydrating conditioner acts on your hair to moisturize it, giving it shine and movement. It makes your hair look and feel softer and easier to style.

Additionally, with regular use of a moisturizing conditioner you protect your hair's natural moisture balance, prevent hair loss, and promote growth.

Some people confuse what conditioner does with what you can get by using a moisturizer for your hair, another highly recommended product to include in your daily hair care routine.

Types of moisturizing hair conditioner

You will find many conditioners on the market. At eva+avo we create products with natural ingredients that oxygenate and hydrate your hair, in a healthy and safe way.

Likewise, we recommend that you look for products on the market, always thinking about the overall health of your hair.

There are two types of conditioner and it can be useful to know them, depending on your specific needs and hair type.

Rinse-off conditioner

This liquid product is used after shampooing when hair is still wet. After doing a gentle massage, rinse it off.

This type of product acts by replacing the hydrogen ions that have been eliminated with the shampoo and that are so necessary to keep the hair hydrated. Conditioners of this type are designed for people with dry hair or who want more volume and movement.

Leave-in conditioner

An ideal product for those who suffer from very tangled hair. They are much more liquid and have deeper conditioning ingredients, so they concentrate much more water, making them hydrate the hair more.

Why is it important to use conditioner

The conditioner helps your hair look soft, shiny, you can comb it easily, while you inject vitamins and nutrients that promote growth and prevent hair loss.

We had already talked to you about the importance of the two products in your hair routine . A good conditioner is essential to give you the hair you have always dreamed of.

If you have dyed hair, it is also key to choose a conditioner that hydrates your hair , making it not lose its shine, with the use of chemicals in dyes. Also try to use a natural hair mask at least once a week, which will help your hair stay nourished and hydrated.

How to use your hydrating conditioner

You can use your hydrating conditioner in every wash. After applying your favorite shampoo, rinse with plenty of water and proceed to apply your hydrating conditioner.

Massage your scalp and entire head for at least 5 minutes and rinse.

eva+avo moisturizing conditioner

Our hydrating conditioner is designed to deeply moisturize your hair, while giving your hair the best of avocado and rosemary oils. Natural ingredients to show off soft, luminous and healthy hair.

Packed with vitamins and restorative oils, our hydrating conditioner is formulated to minimize frizz, eliminate split ends, and restore shine to hair.

Get it in an 8 oz presentation. o Sustainable Pouch for 32 oz Refill. (equivalent to 4 8 oz. jars)

To use it: Apply from the middle of the length to the ends and let it sit for a few minutes, while you massage your hair. Rinse with plenty of water and that's it!

But that's not all, we also have the shampoo and conditioner duo so you can take home a complete care formula for your hair.

How to hydrate your hair naturally

Don't forget that in addition to your shampoo and conditioner, you can hydrate your hair by applying natural masks to your hair and using oils such as avocado and rosemary to keep it even softer and healthier.

Here you find everything about the hair mask . Its benefits and how you can make a mask at home easily and effectively.

Other of our hair care products

At eva+avo we create natural products taking advantage of the benefits and nutrients of avocado and rosemary. Our avocado oil helps give shine to your hair and eliminate annoying frizz.

You can use it every day on your damp or dry hair from the middle to the ends. You will notice the change and your hair will become increasingly shiny.

Avo Collection

Our Avo Collection is ideal for you to have all our products at home and have a complete and effective hair care routine.

In addition to including the shampoo, the hydrating conditioner, our leave-in styling cream, the hair mask and the avocado oil, it also includes two small bottles so you can travel and not neglect your hair for a single minute.

Remember that hair care promotes hair growth and prevents conditions such as dandruff, scalp diseases and hair loss .